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M2000-3-10KP     Quote: 7495.00 + Shipping
Three 10,000lb platfroms, three 30 inch long 7 degree plank type wooden ramps for easy pull up, 30,000lbs total system capacity, digital indication.
System packs up in 5 boxes:
1 @ 40lbs     Ramps (three each in a bundle)
1 @ 17lbs     Indication and cables
3 @ 38lbs     Platforms

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M2000 digital indication, 12 x 16 inch platform with 30 inch long ramp with 7 degree incline for easy pull up
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Our new 2010 platform with M2000 digital indicaiton available in 3 and 4 platform sets
M2000, digital indicator, aircraft digital indicator, digital scale for aircraft, helicopter scale, helicopter scales, S76, H60, CH47
Quality three channel digital indication, mounted in a Pelican case. Capable of 110 US or 220/50 Euro power, auto switching power supply
M2000 Features:
Units conversion: lbs/kg
Resolution: +/- 520000 A/D internal counts
Sampling rate: 100 times a second per channel
Span stability: 2ppm/deg C
Zero Stability: 5nV/deg C
Linearity correction: 10 span entries
Calibration Method: calibration through software stored in flash memory
Calibration Sealing: physical seal or Class1 Audit Trail system, password protected
Tare: Keyboard and scale tare, multiple tare id's can be stored in memory
Time and Date: Y2K compliant time/date clock, internal battery backup
Power On: selectable on/off switch


Analog Output: optional 4-20mA board via Smart Wire
Serial Output: 2 full duplex RS232/RS422 ports
IO Interface: peripheral expansion through Smart Wire multi drop RS485 port
External IO: up to 6 channel setpoint via Smart Wire
Baud Rate: 150-32,400 bps, selectable
Size: 6 digit, 7 segment 1" red LED
Filtering: Fast Step quick response algorithm adjustable filter

Modes: display from CH1, CH2, CH3, Scan, and total of all channels.

Power Requirements: 110VAC 12VDC 1A
Temperature Range: -10deg C to + 40deg C
Setpoints: 6 programmable setpoints per channel
Sense Amplifier: differential amplifier with 4 and 6 wire
RFI Protection: filtered signal, excitation and sense lines
Canada: Class III/IIIHD 10000
USA: NTEP Class III/IIIl 10000
OIML: Pending
NIST traceable certification to calibration master.
One year warranty on parts and labor, calibration on sale.  10% charge on returned sets for inspection, certification, calibration checks and restocking.
Platform Specifications:
·         Machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
·         Calibrated to customer specifications
·         Capacities are available in 5,000, 10,000lb platforms
·         Accuracy: 1/10th of 1%
·         Standard ramps are 30 inches long with a 7 degree incline for easy pull up
·         M2000-3-5KP platforms are available, 5,000lb platforms with 16 inch long ramps for small aircraft and UAV applications

Contact Larry Jackson for infromation and ordering at:  561-281-6179